1962 Abbott PosterOur Core Values

Abbott’s Frozen Custard was founded on an enduring passion for our people, our custard and our customers. The next franchisee to join our Abbott’s family will embody these priorities and help continue the tradition that has produced a legendary reputation and a century of success.

The Discovery Process

Our Seven Step Discovery Process lasts 20 to 60 days, and will give each candidate the opportunity to experience Abbott’s inside and out. We expect you to ask questions, learn the history of our business, understand the responsibilities and expectations of being an owner, and ultimately gather enough information to make a decision. The seven steps include:

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  1. Introductions, personal background, goals and determining your decision criteria
  2. Learning the Abbott’s story
  3. Completing the Abbott’s prospective Franchisee Application
  4. Assessing your financing options
  5. Reviewing our Franchise Disclosure Document
  6. Attending Discovery Day in Rochester, NY
  7. Making your decision

Listen to the manager of our new store in Greer, SC explain why Abbott’s is unique

Now OpenWhat makes a great owner?

Passion. It is the single most common trait among our owners and drives them to be successful every day. They are also, motivated, creative, entrepreneurial, and extroverted, interacting with their employees, customers and always seeking new ways to connect Abbott’s with a broader customer base.

Our owners come from a variety of backgrounds including a former buyer for a Fortune 500 retail and consumer company, a real estate agent, a district sales manager of a multi- billion dollar construction material business, a health and family services practitioner, a restaurant manager, a certified public accountant and former Abbott’s employees. There is even a second generation franchisee within our team along with current franchise owners expecting to pass their business on to their children.

Regardless of their background, our franchise owners understand the direct correlation between delivering the Abbott’s Experience and a profitable business. Channeling their passion for Abbott’s, franchisees apply the processes and methods learned through their training to consistently deliver the Abbott’s Experience and in doing so realize both their fiscal and personal goals.

Why choose Abbott's?

Becoming part of the Abbott’s family is a unique opportunity to help continue a profitable tradition over a hundred years old in the making. This is more than a business transaction, this is truly joining a family. With this relationship comes a lifetime of support built on one of the most tenured management teams in the industry. Whether you are interested in developing an entire territory, opening a handful of stores, or looking for a single store in an established territory, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you realize your goals based on our processes honed over decades of experience.  This support includes:

Line Of People

  • Location selection and lease negotiation,
  • One week of in depth training at our headquarters in Rochester, NY,
  • Two weeks of additional training at your store before, during, and after your grand opening,
  • Ongoing marketing / branding support
  • Providing all necessary equipment and inventory to operate the business

Once your store is operational, we will continue to support you with ongoing training, marketing campaigns, new product introductions and answers to any and all of your questions.

Overall Investment

The overall investment required to open one Abbott’s location can range from $200,000 - $300,000 depending on site specific characteristics.

Ready to learn more?

If you are ready to start your discovery process, please complete the application linked below and email to or call Brenden, our Director of Business Development at 304-60-SCOOP.

Application Form