A Great Opportunity With A Storybook Franchise

Thank you for your interest in buying an Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise. While there are hundreds of franchises for sale, we believe we are well on our way to building one of the best franchises in the country.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what four of our newest owners have to say about their Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise experience so far …

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See How Abbott’s Owner’s Feel About Their Decision to Open An Abbott’s Franchise

Todd Nettnin

“The product, once people try it, they're going to come back and they're going to tell their friends because it really is a premium product. The support that you get, outstanding. Anything that you need, they're going to be there. So, as long as you're considering a franchise, you want to consider one that is going to treat you like a family member and not just another number.”

Brad Wall

“I think the reason for considering to open an Abbott's, would be simplicity. The product is one product line that you use, and you use that base to manufacturer all your menu. The menu has a vast amount of extensions you can do with it…”

Shannon Leckinger

“We knew there was a following for Abbott's, but we also knew that there's a 100-year-old recipe that backs it up. So, having that legitimacy behind us when we open in a new market and being able to talk about that, that's definitely something that is a huge impact in how we talk about the product …”

Amanda Hopper

“I know people who have been a part of other franchise opportunities and I do not believe that they all have the support that Abbott's provides, and they don't all have the family feel that Abbott's provides. And that was super important for us, being a family-owned- and-operated business, that we could feel like a part of the Abbott's family. And that is what I've really appreciated so far.”

The Abbott’s Franchise Advantage

  • Family Business

    Abbott’s always has, and always will be, a family business. Franchisees are called “Owners” and are considered members of the family. In fact, many of our new owners are making their stores a family affair.

  • 100+ Year Legacy

    Our Owners are extremely proud to be part of the more than 100-year history of Abbott’s Frozen Custard. It provides them the confidence in the brand and the opportunity to leverage it in conversations with their customers.

  • Frozen Custard

    Our secret family recipe is churned fresh daily in proprietary machines using wholesome ingredients direct from our dairy farms to provide a premium taste even custard aficionados call the best they’ve ever had.

  • Focused Approach

    Every day, we strive to be the greatest frozen custard stand which requires dedication and perseverance. Owners benefit from a simple operation that enables them to focus on their priorities and take advantage of the benefits of being a small business owner.

  • Loyal Customers

    Who are just as enthusiastic and passionate about the product as we are.

  • Management Team

    Our Owners benefit from training and ongoing support that comes from decades of operational experience – providing support and counsel every step of the way – from initial inquiry, to stand opening, to every anniversary.