Our Happily Ever After Story

Welcome to the inaugural posting of the Abbott’s Frozen Custard Consumer
Blog. We want this blog to be your source of knowledge on all things related to
Abbott’s Frozen Custard, our events, and our history. We’ll be covering a
number of topics within each one of these categories, all in an effort to keep
you informed.

To begin, there needs to be an overall understanding of what custard actually
is. The best way to explain this happily ever tale is through a romance
between two very important characters.

The first is butterfat, which is intertwined with any dairy product’s introduction.
After making sure that there is just the right amount of butterfat in each batch
of custard, custard makers can then begin to add our second character. This
character is egg yolks. Although both ingredients are important, egg yolks
help turn this tale into a story. Every time someone asks what makes custard
different from ice cream, this is the knight in shining armor. Adding egg yolks
helps create the texture that everyone in all the land knows and loves.

After these two characters fall in love, they must be joined in holy matrimony.
This process is different from others because of a special machine that lets in
a certain amount of air when churning. Compared to custard, typical ice
cream contains more air and doesn’t contain that rich and creamy taste.

By adding less air, everyone in the kingdom can enjoy this truly divine matrimony
and have a happily ever after.

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