The Foundations of Our Happily Ever After Story

Although there are many ways to enjoy a Happily Ever After with Abbott’s, the most common way is on a delicious homemade waffle cone. Like all extraordinary castles, a strong and sturdy base is always important to build each tale. Here’s the scoop on how these delicious cones are made.

First our custard makers gather a mix of magical ingredients to create each cone. This includes a blend of flour, wheat, soy, butter, corn starch and of course sugar. Each ingredient is added to create that crunchy and enchanting taste everyone in all the land knows and loves.

Second, once all the ingredients are assembled, it’s time to create the basis for each Happily Ever After. Our custard makers add water to the magical mix which produces a smooth and creamy batter after being blended. This batter is carefully ladled into our charmed waffle makers and pressed for one minute. During this time, each ingredient is working together to create a splendid introduction to each Happily Ever After.

After a minute passes, a fluffy flat waffle cone is born. In order for this waffle to stand proud and tall, it needs to be properly formed. Our custard makers quickly wrap the cone in a metal roller and let it become a magnificent castle for creations to be built upon. The options are endless but all end in a Happily Ever After!